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Christopher Creek offers outdoor enthusiasts many wonderful opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you hike, mountain bike, horseback ride or cross-country ski, you’ll find a variety of trails at skill levels from beginner to advanced. Below are just a few of the Trails & Trailheads in the area. Please note that map is a general view only. Visitors are recommended to contact the U.S. Forest Service for detailed mapinformation and cautioned to follow recommended safety rules when planning your trip to include notification of when you are leaving and your expected return.

    • Babe Haught Trail, TR 143. Ratings Most Difficult. Length 3 miles Built by pioneer “Babe” Haught to pack supplies over the Rim from Winslow. Easiest access is from Hatchery Trailhead.


    • Horton Springs Trail, TR 292. Ratings Most Difficult. Lenght 1.5 miles The lower half of this trail is a steep, rocky sidehill with switch backs. Not recommended for horses. Easiest access is From FR 300.


    • Promontory Trail, TR 278. Ratings Most Difficult. Length .75 mile This is a steep, brushy, challenging hike with the trail difficult to follow in places and not recommended for horses. Access is from Highline Trail.


    • Military Sinkhole Trail, TR 179. Ratings Most Difficult. Length 2.5 miles. The trail starts on the Rim near the military road built by General George Crook. Access is from Forest Road 300.


    • See Canyon Trail, Tr 184 & See Spring Trail, TR185 Ratings Trail 184, Most Difficult Ratings Trail 185, More Difficult Length: Trail 184, 3.5 miles Length: Trail 185, .5 mile Trail 184 is a challenging hike and particularly scenic in the fall. Trail 185 starts on TR 184 approximately 1/2 mile north of the junction with Highline Trail. Access is from Forest Road 300.


    • Drew Trail, TR 291. Rating Most Difficult. Length 1 mile. An old pioneer trail built prior to 1909, easiest access is from Hwy. 260.


    • Derrick Spur Trail, TR 32. Rating More difficult. Length 1 mile. This spur trail winds easily through the pines joining with Derrick Trail (TR 33). Access from Hwy. 260.


  • Derrick Trail, TR 33. Rating, More Difficult. Length 2.5 miles. This trail, in conjunction with trails 31 and 285, forms an all-day loop hike. Access from Forest Road 289.
  • Box Canyon. From the Lodge, go west on Highway 260 for approx. 1 mile. Between mileposts 271 and 272, look for a dirt turnoff on the south (right) side of the road.