• TV
  • Fireplace
  • Kitchenette
  • Parking
  • Front Porch
  • BBQ Grill
  • Picnic Table

Trail Bunk (tandems)

Maximum Occupancy of 5, not including ages 3 & under

There are nine (9) tandem units in all.  Each one has two full size beds bunk bed style.  All units have a small porch, cozy chair,  and a fireplace, kitchen table, television, a two burner cooktop stove, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, mini fridge, silverware, camping grade cookware and dishes.  All Trail Bunks have a bathroom with a shower. Each unit is approximately 300 sq.ft.

Top 10 Reasons you should visit us!

1) Our customers aren’t just guests, they are family.  Christopher Creek Lodge has proudly been the destination for generations of family memories.  We’ve been around 6 years longer than Disneyland!  Come enjoy good old-fashioned appeal with modern amenities.

2) We’re a world away, but only a short, scenic, 90 minute drive from Phoenix-metro.  Why spend more time and more money driving farther, when you could already be at the best place in AZ; stargazing, sledding, playing cards, board games, hiking, fishing, half way done with a new book, or just relaxing by the creek.

3) We work hard at constantly improving the lodge, keeping our workers happy, and most of all providing you the best bang for the buck!   We aim to keep this place affordable and awesome for as many people as possible – people like you!

4) We give back!  Even though we’re pretty small, thanks to you, our charitable donations every year are in the tens-of-thousands, by way of direct donations, providing for charity auctions, and hosting charity events ourselves.

5) Most everything is within walking distance to the lodge.  We’re one of the few destination places in all of Arizona where the majority of our guests park their vehicle and don’t get back in it until it’s time to go home.

​6) Our squirrels!  Don’t be surprised if they say hello when you arrive, and maybe even follow you around for a short time while you’re out for a walk.​  They may even introduce you to some deer, raccoons, wild turkey, blue jays, or other friends of theirs.

7) The 3 S’s.  Sights, Sounds, and Smells.  No matter which accommodation you select you’re guaranteed fresh forest air, beautiful plants and animals, and of course the sound of the creek.

8) In today’s “always on, always connected” world, there is nothing better you can do to recharge your own batteries than spending some time here at Christopher Creek Lodge.  You’ll be surprised at what some time by the creek or a nice nature walk can do for you!

9) We’re small, but have all the essentials.  The whole town consists of 3 lodges, 2 restaurants, 1 mini-mart, and 1 dog park.  This really is your get-away-from-it-all kind of place!

10) You!  You deserve some personal time off.  Your kids deserve some great memories.  Your friends and family deserve to have some enjoyment.  We have some pet-friendly units too.  So, why not make some s’mores, share stories, and make some new friends by the campfire, or just relax with some well-deserved solitude.  You’re worth it!