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Common Questions

Q: How are the rooms priced?
A: Room pricing is based on double occupancy. There is a small charge for each additional guest.  Children age 3 and under stay for free.

Q: Is there a minimum stay requirement?
A: All Cabins have a minimum 2-night stay. Trail Bunk (tandem) units and Pony Express (motel) units only require a 1-night stay. However, during most holidays the minimum stay is a day or two more.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: See supply list under the information tab

Q: Is there an Ice Machine?
A: No, but ice can be purchased at the nearby market.

Q: Can I fish on the property?
A: Although you can fish right on the property a fishing license is still required (this applies to ages 10+).

Q:  Are there fish in the creek?
A:  Yes!  We are the only lodge located right on the banks of Christopher Creek.  You do not have to leave the property to fish.  Native brown trout are in the creek and it is also stocked with rainbow trout.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: We invite you to bring your furry friends with you so long as your reservation is for a pet-friendly unit, which are Cabins 8 & 9 and Trail Bunks 7, 8 & 9. Only pets that are well-behaved, friendly, and supervised are allowed at the lodge. Pets must be leashed when outside due to safety concerns and in accordance with the state’s leash law. Pets must immediately be cleaned up after. Pets are not allowed on beds or furniture. Pets are not allowed to be left alone in cabins unless crated and only then for a very brief time. We allow a maximum of 2 pets per unit. The fee for one pet is $30 per night. The fee for two pets is $50 per night. These fees are assessed for up to three nights. For stays longer than three nights, you will only be charged pet fees for the first three nights. Although we don’t anticipate your pet will cause any problems. we do reserve the right to assess additional fees for any damage caused by your pet(s).

Q: Are there wild animals?

A: Because we are right in the middle of the forest it is not uncommon to see elk, wild turkeys, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, deer, and other critters.

Q: Can we have an outside fire?
A: We do have a couple of outside fire pits, and several charcoal BBQs, but they must always be supervised, and kept modest and if the area is on restriction no fires are allowed.

Q: What about phone service?
A: There is good cell service for Verizon and AT&T. The rooms do not have individual phones. The office also has a landline for calls out.

Q: Do you have Internet access?
A: We have WIFI that extends the entire property. When you check in the lodge manager will give you the WIFI password. Our Game room also has WIFI.

Q: Do you have movies or DVDs?
A: If you’d like to watch movies it is recommended that you bring a portable DVD player or laptop as most of our TVs do not have RCA inputs or are mounted to the wall.

Q: Do you provide any board games or reading material?
A: We have an assortment of board games and books that can be borrowed at the front office.

Q: Is firewood provided for the fireplaces?
A: No logs are included, but can be purchased at the lodge. Only Duraflame-type logs are allowed (no real firewood allowed for inside use).

Q: Can I bring my own firewood?
A: Yes, but firewood is only allowed in the designated outside fire pits. You are welcome to bring your own Duraflame-type logs for use in the indoor fireplaces.

Q: Can I pay with cash or check?
A: No, but we do accept all major credit cards.

Q: How easy are the loft stairs to navigate?
A: The loft stairs in most units are pretty steep and narrow.  For that reason, we do not recommend the lofts for elderly people or young kids and ask that people use extra caution.

Q: Do the rooms ever get hot?
A: Upstairs lofts can get warm during the summer. Each unit does include a box fan for use.

Q: Are the rooms cleaned daily like a normal hotel?
A: No. Our conservation efforts include only making beds and providing fresh linens upon arrival (unless it is an extended stay).

Q: Are there differences between the various Pioneer’s Cabins?
A: Yes.  We’ve tried to make all of the Pioneer’s Cabins of equal value.  The newer ones C-8, C-9, and C-10 are studio-style and have 4 twin beds upstairs.  C-3 and C-4 are older units also with 4 twin beds upstairs but have a separate bedroom.

Q:  How many people are allowed to stay in one unit?
A:  That is up to your comfort level (within reason).  Most of our units have 2-4 additional twin beds upstairs. Some guests have been known to bring blow-up mattresses or sleeping bags.

Q:  Are you open year-round?
A:  Yes.  There is always something to do up here during all 4 beautiful seasons.

Q:  Are you close to any lakes?
A:  We are minutes away from many lakes. See: Area Information

Q:  Can I barbeque outside?
A:  Yes, but it must be with charcoal only and in the BBQ pits/grills provided or you’re welcome to bring your own small propane grill.

Q:  Is there a restaurant or market nearby?
A:  There is a nearby bar and restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Also, there is a market that has more than just the essentials.  All are within walking distance.

Q:  Are you close to any hiking trails?
A:  Across the street is the Highline Trailhead, which branches off to many different beautiful trails of varying levels & distances. See: Area Information

Q:  Is there television?
A:  Yes, each room has a TV with 36 channels, including all the local networks, and our own channel that provides information about the lodge and surrounding area.

Q:  Do you accept special events like weddings, family reunions, company retreats, etc?
A:  Yes, we have tables, chairs, a conference room, and some extra outside space available for such gatherings.

Q: How’s the weather?
A: Christopher Creek has its own unique climate. A general rule to go by is Payson minus 8-10 degrees, but conditions often vary.

Q:  Do any units have air conditioning?
A:  No.  At almost 6000 ft. it can occasionally get a bit warm, but usually, the weather is fantastic.

Q: Do you have a Rec Room?
A: Yes we have a Rec Room with a Full-size shuffleboard table and a large leather couch so you can sit and relax and watch a 75-inch TV With Disney Plus. For maybe a family movie night.

Q:  Do I need to make a deposit to book a reservation?
A:  All reservations are paid for in full at the time a reservation is booked.  All reservations have a 10-day cancellation. See our Policies page for more details.